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Spiritual Adoption of an Unborn Child

Spiritual Adoption Novena for the Unborn Child

What is the Spiritual Adoption of the Unborn Child Novena?

Spiritual Adoption of an unborn child is a powerful novena prayer for the child in the womb threatened by abortion. Through the pledge to undertake Spiritual Adoption, a person, family, or parish community, undertakes to pray daily for an unborn child for nine months.

The act of Spiritual Adoption is a personal and charitable gift of prayer, love and sacrifice. Through our prayers, God is able to bestow faith in God’s mercy to the mothers and fathers of the unborn, and granting them the gift of peace in their hearts. Through our heartfelt commitment to pray, the deep wounds caused by the sin of abortion can begin to be healed.

Who can take part in the Spiritual Adoption program?

Anyone can spiritually adopt an unborn child as we are all called to respond to the needs of each other and especially the needs of those children who are at risk of losing their lives.

How to Participate in the Spiritual Adoption Nine-Month Novena

On the first day, begin the Spiritual Adoption novena with this prayer (pledge):

I glorify you, Father Almighty, Lord of heaven and earth. You have hidden things from the mighty and the wise and have revealed them to the poor. Yes, Father, this is Your Will. Through the intercession of Mary, Virgin and Mother, and through the intercession of all the Angels and Saints, and led by the desire of bringing help to the threatened child in the womb, I _____________________ undertake today ___________________ to spiritually adopt one child whose name is known to You, Father. I undertake to pray every day for nine months for this child to save his or her life and to obtain for this child, the graces necessary to live a just and true life in You. I pledge to:

  1. Pray one decade of the Holy Rosary

  2. Recite the Daily Prayer (found below)

  3. And to carry out my personal undertaking (optional)

I praise You, and I glorify You, Most Holy Trinity, and I thank You for having heard my prayer. Amen.

Daily Prayers of the Spiritual Adoption Novena

The Spiritual Adoption novena lasts for nine months. Anyone can start praying the novena on any day. Begin with the prayer above. On each day during the nine months pray:

  1. One decade of the Rosary said each day for nine months (you can choose a different mystery each day, or say the same one every day for the nine months) and;

  2. Daily Prayer

My Lord Jesus, through the intercession of Your Blessed Mother Mary who gave birth to You out of love, and through the intercession of St Joseph, the man of faith who cared for You after Your Birth, I turn to You on behalf of this conceived child who has been Spiritually Adopted by me and who is threatened by abortion. Please, give to his parents love and courage to allow their child to remain in the womb and have life, the life that You have given him. Amen.

  1. What could be our own undertaking? (optional)

In addition to praying the rosary decade and the daily prayer, you may wish to undertake one of the following, or something of your own choosing.

  • Frequent Mass, confession/reconciliation.

  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Spiritual Adoption Novena for the Unborn Child

  • Carry our works of mercy.

  • Organise an expectant mother gift drive on behalf of a pregnancy support organisation.

Q. Is the Spiritual Adoption novena broken if prayers are missed for a prolonged period?

A prolonged absence of prayer (a month or two) breaks the Spiritual Adoption. It is recommended that the undertaking is renewed and a firm commitment kept. If there has been a short break in prayer, the Spiritual Adoption should be continued and extended to cover the days missed out.

Q. How did the Spiritual Adoption movement start?

The Spiritual Adoption movement started in the wake of the Fatima apparitions. The prayers have become one answer to Our Heavenly Mother’s pleas to pray the rosary and to make reparation and atonement for our sins and those sins that most wound her Immaculate Heart. This movement reached Poland in 1987 with the first Centre propagating the Spiritual Adoption being started by the Pauline Fathers in Warsaw. The Spiritual Adoption movement has since spread far beyond the Polish borders with Dr Wanda Skowronska having promoted this novena throughout Australia for the past twenty years.

Q. How can I help spread this Spiritual Adoption of the Unborn Child?

You can help spread the Spiritual Adoption for the Unborn by:

  • Talking to friends and family about it and encouraging them to undertake it;

  • Asking the permission of your Parish Priest to introduce it to parishioners;

  • And by praying for the grace necessary for others to also start the Spiritual Adoption.

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